Truck Driver Training Courses.

Pilot Trucking School places you in front with highly qualified instructors, but also experienced truck drivers with a proven truck driving record. Our instructors know all about the trucking industry, the rules of the road and what it takes to pass the CDL test.
Pilot Trucking School offers professional driver training, ensuring that our students of all capabilities excel in their skills once they have completed our truck drivers training course.
Pilot Trucking School also assists with entry level jobs and externships, so you can get out of our classroom and be on the road.


In The Classroom

Pilot Trucking School teach current Department of Transportation Regulations that makes you an asset to any employer looking to find a competent and professional driver. Whos can complaint with all DOT regulations. You will also learn about pre-trip inspections, from our experienced instructors with a real experience beyond the text books. You will learn about trip planning, whether, traffic, vehicle break-downs, weigh stations and more. How important is to know about how to deal with your future carriers clients.


Behind The Wheel

Pilot Trucking School will put you on the road where you will receive competent training on how to deal with real life situations. You will learn how to drive through back roads, frontage roads and how to safely change lanes in traffic. You will also learn how to drive safely with precaution through a wide range of situations, whether you are on the highway, on a busy city street, driving up the hill or driving on city streets. You will learn the different driving techniques to best equip you when your truck is loaded or unloaded.  You will learn how to drop off your precious cargo in an alley dock, many techniques for backing up a massive truck and driving technique to maneuver your truck through tight passage ways… and much more !